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SINCE 1984

KRISTI 5' WIDE TRAILERS are available in ​two ​configurations,
Flat Nose and Wedge Nose.

  • Flat nose trailers are the original design for Kristi, and incorporate radiused front wall corners and radiused roof corners. These trailers continue to be popular today as a result of their tubular steel frame construction. The frame, if maintained, is capable of outlasting the usable life of the trailer. We regularly see trailers over 10 years old with exceptional frame integrity, still being used by the original owners. Our flat nose trailers follow so well that we often forget we are towing. In fact, I usually ask my passenger to remind me once in a while that I have a trailer hooked up.
  • Wedge nose trailers were developed in the mid 1990's as a result of overwhelming customer request. They are manufactured with the same structural steel frame as the flat nose trailers, and exhibit an aerodynamic extended wedge nose which makes it easier secure cargo in the front of the trailer. These trailers incorporate a square roof design giving full floor to ceiling clearance for the entire interior of the trailer. The heavy duty alumimum top trim finishes the appealing exterior look and style.

Both trailer styles are available in deluxe and premium models

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