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SINCE 1984

Kristi Trailers are a premium product and cannot be compared to “cheap trailers that use inferior materials and workmanship. All trailers look similar on the outside; you need to look on the inside to see the real value of the product.

  • Structural steel tubing frame: All of our trailers are manufactured using only the best structural steel tubing for floor wall and roof framing.
  • Tongue and groove wood flooring: All of our floors are made of ¾ tongue and groove manufactured wood materials, and are run lengthwise for strength.
  • Paint: All exposed frame components are coated with a new high strength paint that passes an unbelievably rigid 1,100 hour salt spray test. We wash and chemically prepare every frame prior to painting.
  • Undercoating: All floor cross members are undercoated. The undercoat material also passes a rigid 1,100 hour salt spray test. We check every inch of the underside frame of our trailers for coverage.
  • Screws. Our exterior screws used to secure the aluminum skin are zinc plated steel.
  • Roof: Each roof is custom ordered for a specific trailer. They are zinc plated steel for strength and reliability. We use a ¼” luan sub roof to add an attractive appearance. (Cheap trailers boast about using a single piece aluminum roof. This is meaningless and is intended to make you think a manufactured steel roof is inferior. This is incorrect. Our steel roof is superior in almost every way to their single piece aluminum roof. (The Kristi sub roof is installed because it looks good. The roof integrity would be perfectly fine without it.)
  • Lights: Tail, Marker, and license plate lights are LED, Side marker lights are all sealed and shock mounted.
  • Deck height: All Kristi trailers are designed to provide the lowest deck height possible for the application, allowing for easy loading and unloading.
  • Wiring: All wires are enclosed in the frame or conduit and have a fuel, oil and abrasion resistant insulation. All circuits are tested with an analyzer prior to leaving our facility.
  • Axles: All of our axles have an easy lubrication system. You can grease your bearings and displace any water in the bearing cavity in minutes without removing the hub. This maintenance item is invaluable. Anyone that has been broken down on a trip knows the value of good reliable running gear.
  • Fenders: All Kristi trailers that require fenders are equipped with aluminum fenders to prevent corrosion and look sharp.
  • Breakaway: All Kristi trailers with brakes are equipped with a reliable emergency breakaway system.
  • Exterior: We use .030 aluminum exterior with baked on enamel finishon all Premium trailers. A Mylar barrier is inserted between the aluminum sheeting and steel frame in strategic areas to deter corrosion on all trailers.
  • Testing: All wiring, lights, and brakes are 100% tested prior to shipping.
  • Roof vents: All roof vents are rigid mounted to a steel frame welded into the roof.
  • Factory assistance: We supply unmatched factory assistance to answer your questions and meet your needs. We’re not just saying this. If you need us we are there. We don’t make excuses. We stand behind our products and are truly unmatched in our responsiveness.      
  • Product integrity: We strive to be the best, and we listen to our customers. We encourage you to call us with suggestions. They help us make a better product.
  • Employee integrity: Kristi employees are trained to pay attention to detail. They will do everything in their power to make sure you are a satisfied customer. They have pride in the products they ship.
  • Location: We are located in central New York. Delivery costs to the northeast states are lower than trailers being delivered from the Midwest. We put the money into the product, not freight.
  • Flexibility: we want you to have the trailer that meets your individual needs. Special orders are not a problem.

As you can see we do not build an ordinary product. The value is built in and the resultant cost is higher. We cater to the northeast and do everything in our power to make the cost to your door competitive with the “cheap” trailers using freight as the variable. So, when you compare pricing, don’t just look at the trailer price itself, look at the total cost of trailer plus freight to get it to your door. We may cost a little more but when you compare total costs to your door, you can give your customers a high quality trailer at very close to the price of the “cheap” trailer, and in many cases you can match or do better than the competition.